Y2K group provides a full-service art advisory and private consulting firm with a focus on contemporary art in all media from: emerging, blue-chip, established, mid-career, late career artists by developing collections for new to established collectors.

-First time/New Collectors (first purchase or needing support)
-Emerging Collectors (beginning to conceptualize and long-term collecting)
-Private Clients
-Experienced Collectors (expand collection - procure from important and exclusive galleries with desire for access to waitlisted artworks)


-Gratis first consultation to learn more about the clients’ desires and specific needs
-Overview of bespoke services to individual interest, budget, objective, attention to transparency, privacy, value, investment
-Provide help/advice to navigate art world and market
-Over ten years experience in the New York art world with extensive relationships
-Advise new clients to identify artists for consideration for collection
-Represent clients’ best interests with unbiased advice for each personalized vision


-Guidance and Strategy (exposure to emerging and established artists and education and guide clients to procure from galleries, artist studios, private collections)
-Strategize on how to build a targeted and personal fine art collection with a focus on connoisseurship
-Unbiased counsel
-Tailored according to individual needs and desires with focus on passions, interests, objectives, vision of the collector
-Art historical knowledge to provide context
-Gallery tours/studio visits, private viewings, art fairs tours
-Amass and filter offers and opportunities from galleries
-Targeting new acquisitions
-Artist and Market research
-Developing and defining curatorial framework of collection to create acquisition plan and goals


-Assess the market and value of artworks
-Finding artists on the rise
-Tracking trends, how artists works grow over time, auction results
-Art Market coverage
-Analyze primary and secondary markets
-Auction results
-Exhibition history
-Evaluating emerging, mid-career, established artists on art historical position, market performance, value, critical and curatorial support
-Identify potential acquisitions, arrange gallery and studio visits
-Provides trusted advice based on market and art historical knowledge
-Expertise navigating international art world
-Extensive relationships with galleries, dealers, artists
-Leverage to provide collectors with exclusive opportunities for sought-after works


-Identifies acquisition opportunities
-Access and Intelligence to offer opportunities for clients: primary, waitlist, museum quality, secondary market artworks
-Negotiate price and terms of sale
-Provide transparent, discreet, confidentiality among relationships and placement of artworks and transactions
-Objective on artwork (provides transparency with clients and to help navigate)
-Private sales with network of: collectors, dealers, galleries, brokers, private transactions on behalf of clients
-Broker secondary market works for resale
-Individualized service with discretion


-Post-sale logistics
-Shipping documentation and paperwork
-Arrange round-trip condition reporting
-Source crating and framing
-Manage door-to-door shipping
-Special courier if needed
-Supervised installation

Collection Management

-Database for collection, cataloguing, condition reports
-Manage collection, rotation, and storage
-Installation and presentation of artworks along with supervision
-Insurance and updated values
-Museum and gallery loans, donations
-Facilitate sales

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Call/text at: +1-646-450-4454

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